Baby Swimming

We encourage bonding and communication between you and your baby in the warm relaxing water.

Gentle methods

We offer a gentle method of (re)introducing your baby to the water. We use the Birthlight method of teaching, which is gentle and holistic.

At Swimcats we encourage bonding and communication between you and your baby in the warm relaxing water. Swimming assists muscle development, co-ordination, confidence, balance, general health and enjoyment.

Small Social Groups

Our groups are a maximum 6 and are grouped according to age:

  • 0 to 6 months,
  • 6 to 12 months,
  • 12 to 18months,
  • then 18 months to 2 .5 years.

Floatation aids are not used. Our holds are supporting the baby allowing the baby the freedom to move or just float and relax. Great care is taken to ensure babies develop at their own pace, nothing is rushed or forced.

Never Too Young

We sing and play games with toys, which encourages and stimulates your baby’s natural reflexes.

Baby swimming is held during the morning in Plymouth, Bittaford and Whitsand Bay, lessons are 30 minutes and mum & dad are both welcome to join in the fun.

We believe you are never too young to start swimming and we encourage you to start bringing your baby as soon as you are ready to go in the water yourself, this is usually around 8-9 weeks immunisation is not necessary.

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Special Experiences

Not only do you and you baby have some very special experiences in the water you are able to socialise with other mums and babies are ideally placed ready for their social interaction skills to start developing.

As well as your baby developing their swimming skills, you will also learn what you can do with your baby when you have family swim time – all too often we see babies swimming with their parents perched on top of the water with every floatation device imaginable.

We sing songs and play games which bring into play babies natural reflexes to help them along their swimming journey. Only when they are ready will we submerge them in a very gentle way. We encourage them to find their own natural buoyancy and correct swimming position as opposed to travelling through the water.

Piggy backing is a great way of bonding, not only can they feel the water flowing over their legs which stimulates kicking, they feel the movement of her parent’s legs kicking. They soon begin to copy and they develop their balance skills at the same time.

Special Gift

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