Don’t just take our word for it, let our customers do the talking!

“I would like to thank Swimcats for the fantastic job they did with Emily.

Emily started last Sept with a great fear of the water and was so frightened that she couldnt even splash water on her face!! We thought we were in for the long haul as far as lessons!!!!

“Within weeks Kelly (who was amazing) gained Emilys trust and she had her fully going under the water!!! Even doing forward rolls!!!!

“As parents we had tried what we thought was everything to break this fear and to see Emily in the pool enjoying herself was amazing. After only two full terms Emily has turned into a different child in the water and Swimcats are to thank for this”

Emily's mum

“Swimcats has given both of us confidence to enjoy the water. Freddy started at 4 months and took to it like a fish in water.

“His confidence and mobility has developed and we go swimming at the weekends with his daddy to show off his new skills.”

H L Voke

“Jake lacks confidence in the water and didn’t get on with group lessons. Since he has been swimming with Swimcats his confidence has improved greatly and he is really enjoying his swimming.

During the swim school in the summer he achieved his first award of which he is very proud (so are we).”

Jake's Mum

“Louis just emerging having swum underwater from Madeline to his mum.”

Louis' Mum

“Jessica’s parents contacted Swimcats because they felt there were too many swimmers in Jessica’s group lesson, all of different ability, and Jessica had lost all her confidence.

“Her parents just want Jessica to be able to swim well enough so that if she should fall in anywhere she won’t be in trouble. Jessica has no confidence problems now and her mum is pleased to see Jessica beginning to swim.”

Jessica's Parents

“Patrick started with Swimcats last summer for a one week summer course as we felt he would benefit from some one on one time.

“We felt his confidence in the water and improvement in his style was so great, and he enjoys it so much, that we just wanted to carry on with weekly lessons.”

Patrick's Mum

“Joseph and Louis’ mum thinks it is very important to learn to swim and contacted Swimcats because 3 year old Joseph was very nervous of the water and would cling to her in group lessons. She felt having 1:1 tuition would allow him to progress at his own pace.

“She says since starting Swimcats his confidence has increased enormously. Having two children who require full supervision in the pool, Swimcats allows her to take them both for their lessons at the same time.”

Joseph and Louis’ Mum

“Our two-year-old son Ben has been having lessons with Swimcats since he was four months old and is so confident in the water. It’s lovely to see him enjoying himself so much, and we are sure it will do wonders for his self confidence when he gets older.”

Chris Errington

“After being frightened at one of her first school swimming lessons and having lost all her confidence, it is a joy to see Hollie enjoying herself in a swimming pool again.

“We have recommended Swimcats to friends without hesitation.”

Hollie's Mum

“Can’t thank Catherine and Swimcats enough. Kenzie absolutely loved his first lesson. He learnt more in one session than he did after 6 months with his last swimming teacher. He can’t wait for the next lesson :)”

Sheryl McCrave

“Molly was very unsure and lacked confidence in the water. Having left group lessons (where the instructor taught by the poolside) and joining Swimcats on a one to one basis with the instructor in the pool, Molly’s confidence and ability has vastly improved.

“Most importantly of all she enjoys her lessons so much that we decided to bring her younger brother. From a parent’s prospective it is so nice to see them “swim with a smile!”
Molly’s mum”

Molly's Mum

“Although I class myself as a strong swimmer, I felt that my stroke wasn’t as smooth as it should be. I had been meaning to get help for a long time. I contacted Swimcats to see if they could have a look at how I swim and advise me.

“I am really happy with the help that I’ve had, I see them every 2 weeks for a lesson and then practise in between with new training techniques. Its really hard to change a habit that you’ve been doing for years so the training tips have been invaluable.

“My lessons are good fun and we always end up having a giggle, I think it would impossible to learn any other way! Thanks again.”