Here we will try and answer your most asked questions.

What age should a child learn to swim?

Children can start swimming from as young as 8 weeks.

Does a baby need vaccinations before swimming?

No, follow this link for NHS vaccination advice.

My child is afraid of water so how can he have swimming lessons?

The teacher is in the water with the swimmer, and we teach through play and fun.

Where do you do the swimming classes?

We teach at New Continental, Plymouth College, Kenleys Nursery School, Whitsand Bay and a pool near Ivybridge.

When do you run swimming classes?

Every day.

How many in a swimming class?

We offer one to one, two to one and small groups maximum of 5 per group.

Are the teachers in the water?

Yes for all Non swimmers and beginners.

How long is a swimming lesson?

Each lesson is 30 mins.

How do we pay for the swimming lessons?

Payment is due in advance. At the beginning of each term you will receive an invoice, payment is due within 7 days. You can pay by cash, cheque or on line.

Colour Lo ResWe also accept payment via Paym. Simply go on to your mobile banking app and enter our mobile number: 07508130868.

Can we try out swimming lessons first to see if we like it?

By prior arrangement – but only one.

Do you offer Crash Courses?

Swimcats always run crash courses over school holidays at New Continental in Plymouth and Madeline’s pool in Bittaford.

Regular swimmers with us can choose to have some extra lessons while others prefer to come during the holidays and have a lesson each day. Either way, we are happy to see you.

How long does it take for a child to learn to swim?

Each person is different, and has their own pace. We do not have specific timetables.

How many weeks do we get in the term?

Term 1 = 14 weeks
Term 2 = 11 weeks
Term 3 = 14 weeks

Any lessons booked during School Holiday periods are extras and will you will be invoiced accordingly.

My child has special needs, will she fit in to your programme?

Yes, we can cater for most needs.

Can I watch?

In most cases yes, as long it is not a distraction to the swimmer.

My GP said I should try swimming for health reasons - can you help me?

Yes. We would like to know of any health problems, so as not to cause injury or pain.

I'm 60 years old and have always wanted to swim, I'm very nervous - will you be in the water with me?

Yes we will be with you all the time. We welcome you!

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