About Swimcats

Swimcats provide quality and fun swimming lessons in and around Plymouth.

Our Story

Swimcats was founded in 2005 by ASA Level 2 teachers Madeline Allen and Jacqi Collins who saw a need for quality swimming lessons in and around the Plymouth area.

We can help you

Maybe you have a fear of water and would like to be able to swim on holiday?

Maybe your child has had a horrible experience and is frightened of water?

Maybe your doctor has suggested you should swim for health reasons?

Maybe you used to swim and would like to regain your fitness?

The list is endless, whatever your requirements - we are there for you.


Whether you’re a beginner or improver, baby or adultSwimcats caters for you.

Whether you have an individual lesson or a group lesson we will be in the water with you whilst required.

You will have the same teacher each week (unless ill) allowing you to build on your confidence with that person.

Small Groups

We offer small groups (max of 4 swimmers) shared lesson for age 3yrs plus* and 1:1 lessons. All adult lessons are 1:1.

We teach individual and group lessons every day. All lessons run termly in line with schools with crash courses taking place during school holidays.

*There is a £10 registration fee for 3yr olds upwards, this covers the cost of their swimming hat and their Swimcat’s Ladder.

Meet the Teachers

Swimcats teachers must have ASA, STA or Birthlight qualifications, be DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked, follow ASA/STA Child Protection Procedures (including attending workshops).

They must also take part in Continuted Professional Development and be members of either IOS (Institute of Swimming), BSCTA (British Swimming Coaches & Teachers Association) or STA (Swimming Teachers Association).

Testimonials - Don't just take our word for it!

Have a look through some of the comments we've had from parents and students in our testimonial section here.

Further Information

Rewards Scheme

We follow the ASA National Plan for teaching and are qualified to examine for all their swimming badges.

As well as following the ASA National Plan we have our own unique reward scheme. Upon joining Swimcats, your child will receive a booklet called My Ladder to Success with Swimcats.

This consists of eight ladders for your child to climb, with various tasks to complete, the children get a stamp in their book for each completed task and upon completion of each ladder a congratulations postcard.


This ensures children regularly receive a small reward for their hard work and progress as opposed to waiting to the end of the term to do their badges. Parents often ask us the criteria that needs to met for each badge.

You will be surprised at how enthusiastically the children work towards each stamp and how excited they are to receive their postcards – one even brought his back to show us!

Full lists of criteria for each badge are available in the appropriate section of Our Lessons area.

STAAwarding Bodies

Swimcats use Swimming Teachers Association. For more information visit: www.sta.co.uk

ASAand the Amateur Swimming Association. For more information visit: www.swimming.org/asa/


Swimcats Merchandise

Your child will also receive a Swimcats swimming hat as part of the rewards scheme.

Whilst there are no rules about hats at the pools we use, we do encourage them for health and safety reasons.

Goggles are available at a cost £7.

More Questions

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section.
Terms & Conditions
  • Payment terms are 15 days.
  • Late payments are subject to a 20% surcharge, no reminders will be sent.
  • Bank charges for returned cheques will be passed to you.
  • No reimbursement will be given if you cancel your lesson, however we will do our best to accommodate you at another time but no guarantees can be made.
  • If we have to cancel a credit will be placed on your account.

Swimcats Ltd | Company No. 10678183


Madeline came to the UK from South Africa in 2003.

A former competitive swimmer, she has been coaching and teaching for several years.

She is very passionate about swimming as a sport but also cannot stress enough how important it is as a life skill.


Being a reluctant swimmer Jacqi realised her children were picking up on her fear of water and she had to take drastic action!

Having a fear of going under water she decided to do the RLSS Bronze Medallion. She spent some of the sessions in tears but overcame her fear and passed the exam.

She was then asked by her son’s school swimming teacher if she would like to go in the water and assist with school swimming lessons. Having two children competing with Norwich Penguins, Jacqi found herself being encouraged to do her ASA & STA qualifications and the rest is history!

Qualifications & Security Checks

Swimcats teachers must have ASA, STA or Birthlight qualifications.


They must take part in Continued Professional Development and be members of either IOS (Institute of Swimming), BSCTA (British Swimming Coaches & Teachers Association) or STA (Swimming Teachers Association).

They must be DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked, follow ASA/STA Child Protection Procedures (including attending workshops).

Swimcats are pleased to support the Starlight Childrens Foundation. Granting wishes to seriously and terminally ill children and entertaining over half a million children every year in hospitals and hospices throughout the UK More. Info at: www.starlight.org.uk